The Best Way To Make A Christmas Gnome From Fuzzy Socks

I may be crafty and creative generally, but nowhere close to the talent level of my daughter. She’s sketched household portraits worthy of their place on the mantle, sewn her own clothes and backpacks and created masterpieces with the hot glue gun that the majority Pinterest mothers would envy. In fact, I might go as far as to say, most of my crafting skills I bought from Vayda.

Incidentally, her latest creations blew my mind – fuzzy Christmas gnomes. However, I can’t give her all the credit score for these little guys. She discovered how to make these adorable little lumps along with her dads, who’re massive influences on her inside artist.

When she made it dwelling last night time, I was greeted with a handmade Christmas socks decoration and a bag of leftover supplies so she might teach me how it’s done. It’s fairly easy, even if you’re not very crafty and Cozy socks they’re cute sufficient to provide as final-minute or on-a-funds Christmas gifts.

Supplies (for every gnome)

1 stable-coloured black, grey, brown, white or cream crew sock

1 fuzzy sock

four rubber bands

1 plastic grocery bag

1 lb of rice

An previous mop head, scrap items of fuzzy or furry fabric or twine


Hot glue gun


Pour the rice into the strong coloured sock.

Twist the open end of the sock, in order that it’s sealed off on top of the rice. If you have any queries with regards to where by and how to use cozy socks [Source Webpage], you can get hold of us at the page. Tie it off with one of the rubber bands. Trim the sock just above the rubber band.

Next, you’re going to kind the nose by digging your fingers into the rice and pulling it away from the body of your gnome. If you find yourself glad with the size of your nose take a rubber band and tie it off.

Pull the fuzzy sock up over your gnome, so that it fits inside.

Cut a small slit within the fuzzy sock, simply huge sufficient to fit round your gnome’s nose.

Trim off the top of the fuzzy sock and tie it off at the top with a rubber band.

Make a beard utilizing pieces of rope trimmed from an outdated mop head, minimize out of scrap items of fuzzy or furry fabric or by reducing pieces of twine. Once you have your fabric, twine or rope ready, glue your supplies down beneath and around the nose to make a beard.

Using the piece you trimmed off of the strong-coloured crew sock, you’re going to make your gnome a hat. Trim the reduce edge of the sock so that it’s even all the best way throughout after which tie it off with the final rubber band. You could possibly make cuts in the surplus fabric beyond the rubber band to make it look extra decorative or glue on a cotton ball or bell. On the open end, fold the top as much as type a cuff and glue it down all the way around. You may as well glue cotton balls down over the cuff if you’d like to costume it up extra. Your hat is completed.

The final step is attaching your hat to your gnome. First, you want to crumble up the plastic grocery bag within the form you want your hat – brief and round or tall and skinny. Then stuff your hat with the bag. Finally, glue the hat to your gnome in order that the underside edge of the hat is stretched throughout your gnome’s face just above its nostril.

Tips: When you pick the non-slip socks you’re using it’s possible you’ll wish to plan the crew sock used for the underside layer and the fuzzy sock used for the highest layer, so they are coordinated. You may also choose to make use of totally different supplies to make the hat out of when you have wire, outdated bathroom paper or paper towel rolls and scrap fabric. There’s no right or unsuitable method to make a Christmas gnome.

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