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Title: The Rise of Online Sports: A Study on the Changing Landscape of Sports Consumption Introduction The sports industry has undergone a massive transformation over the years, with the advent of technology and the internet. Online sports have become a popular way for fans to consume sports content, both live and on-demand. This study aims to explore the changing landscape of sports consumption and the impact of online sports on the sports industry.

Methodology The study was conducted through a combination of primary and secondary research. The primary research involved conducting surveys with sports fans to understand their consumption habits and preferences. The secondary research involved analyzing industry reports, Chronicle News Today articles, and case studies to understand the trend of online sports. Findings The study found that online sports have become increasingly popular among sports fans. More than 70% of the respondents stated that they consume sports content online, either through streaming platforms or social media.

The rise of online sports has also led to the emergence of new players in the sports industry, such as streaming platforms like DAZN and Amazon Prime Video. One of the significant advantages of online sports is the flexibility it offers to fans. Fans can consume sports content at their convenience, without being tied to a specific schedule.

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