In the past, web portals were considered online news services that extended various functions of the Internet and were provided under a single web address, e.g. XMC.pl News Portal . The intention of the creator is to encourage users to set the portal’s address as the home page in a web browser and treat it as an Internet portal. The portal understood in this way contains information that may be of interest to a wide audience. Examples of portal content are: news sections, weather forecasts, website catalogs, chats, discussion forums, mechanisms for finding information in own or external internet resources (internet search engines). In addition, the portal can provide free services such as e-mail. Among the technologies used on the website, there are the following differences: give personal features Search notify cooperate Work permit application infrastructure Integration.

Type of portal Horizontal portal – presents the broadest range of topics. The goal is to get as many ad impressions as possible. Vortal, vertical portal, thematic portal (vertical portal) – a specialized portal publishing information on a similar subject, e.g. cars, music, movies, computer programs. The content of the thematic portal (vortale) is only relevant to the selected topic. The name of the vortal is to contrast with conventional portals, covering a wide thematic (horizontal) range, while emphasizing the higher quality of available resources, but it has not been widely adopted. Enterprise Portal – An extensive company website that combines extranets and a wealth of information for customers and their services.

Information portals – provide information from the world, regions or deal with specific professional topics. In a sense, these are the transfer of newspapers, weeklies or monthlies to electronic platforms with a greater number of editions. You can distinguish between local and national portals or portals dedicated to women or men. Service portals – in most cases they will provide quotes from service companies. They are characterized by a large amount of information about the offer and the company itself. Product portal – also known as e-commerce platform. These are online stores that offer a variety of products delivered to your door. Social networks – are used to build social networks and relationships. Advertising portal – allows you to publish and view advertisements. Music Portal – allows you to listen and share music (usually for a fee) to enable more features. Entertainment portal – provides a broad understanding of entertainment: music, games, interesting photos and videos.

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