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Hegy International is a top-rated Pest Control & Cleaning Service company located in Qatar. Since its beginning, Hegy International has provided top-quality termite treatment and cleaning services to homes and buildings, Cleaning company qatar restaurants, hotels and other commercial establishments.

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Hegy Qatar Pest Control Service Company Doha Qatar Cleaning Service Company Qatar offers a full Pest Control Company Qatar control solution in Doha Qatar. We can solve your pest issues or cleaning needs at home or at work. Hegy Cleaning Cleaning Qatar is determined to stop and eliminate pest infestation and maintain an environment that is pest-free and Pest Control Company Qatar clean and leave you with a stress free space! We have earned ourselves a reputable reputation for offering friendly and carpet cleaning service company doha qatar prompt service to our customers throughout the years. We deal with all types of pests: bees, rodents, rats and bed bugs.


1. Integrated Pest Management

2. Termite Treatment

3. Bed Bugs Removal

4. Cockroach Control

5. Fly Control and car interior disinfection service doha qatar cleaning doha qatar Mosquito Control

6. Rat & Mice Control

7. Bird/Pigeon Control


1. Residential Cleaning

2. Store Cleaning

3. Carpet Cleaning Company

4. Upholstery cleaning

5. Window Cleaning

6. Toilet cleaning Services

7. Floor Cleaning & Waxing

8. Swimming Pool Cleaning company

Please email us with any questions you may have. We are available all hours of the day.

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