A wholesome Vegetarian Diet For Weight Loss

As it rained for nearly all of the saturday, my time was spent looking at a book I simply picked up called, Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide To Optimal Performance In Life and sports by Brendan Brazier (creator of the Thrive Diet).

Now even if you’ve no interest in veganism or maybe vegetarianism this book and its core principles can continue to speak to you.

Brazer, an experienced triathlete, promotes a normal vegetarian diet plan – basically, a plant based lifestyle. Eating in this manner helps him boost his performance over the years and remain lean in the off season.

Me personally, I am not really a vegan, nor am I a vegetarian. however, I do believe that animal based solutions should be eaten in small amounts – which means that we need to be focusing on a plant based menu.

In fact, best selling Author, Michael Pollen agrees. In the book of his, Food Rules, Pollen outlines 60+ food guidelines you need to be sticking to by alpine ice hack for weight loss (no title) optimal wellness and also reduced disease risk. These rules can be summerized by 7 simple words:

Eat foods. Not much. Mostly plants.

Seems like a healthy vegetarian diet program to me.

But the reason why? Because several research studies have clearly proven a robust correlation between animal products use (meat, milk products, eggs) and disorders such as heart conditions, cancers, and diabetes.

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